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Today is my birthday. It’s been pretty quiet so far, but I’m hoping to use it as an excuse for all kinds of misbehavior.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to do a handful of semi-productive things. I might make a tradition of doing these things every year.

1. Make something pretty.

I made a flower chain. It promptly wilted, which I suppose is poignant or symbolic or something for a birthday… But it was pretty while it lasted, and I guess that’s also meaningful. I used to make these all the time as a kid with my grandma. If you’ve never made one, it’s really easy and rewarding. Go pick a bunch of flowers (not protected ones!), and cut a small slit in the stem of each about an inch away from the base of the flower. Pass the stem of one flower through the slit of another, then pass the stem of a third flower through the slit of that one, and so on. Then you can put it on your head or your wrist or your dog.

2. Go outside.

I’m lucky to be in beautiful Half Moon Bay on my birthday. I took the Adventure Dog on a two-hour walk, and it was amazingly refreshing to disconnect from all of my devices and conversations and tasks and just look around at the scenery. It took me more than half an hour to get into that peaceful, positive mindset, and I was thankful to have the time to do it today.

3. Try something new.

I’ve always liked henna, but I’ve never done it before. When I lived in Abilene, Texas, about six years ago, I bought a henna kit, but I never tried it because I was afraid of messing it up. Never mind, of course, that henna is temporary and the designs are going on my feet. It’s the same reason I’ve never started the graphic novel that’s been percolating in my head for five years, or any number of art projects that wander through my mind. So I decided that this is the year that I err on the side of doing stuff, rather than being afraid to start.

4. And.. oh yes, drink!

I made some sangria. It’s got cheap Shiraz, watermelon, strawberries, orange, lemon, lime, sugar, a splash of Cointreau (because more booze!) and fresh mint. It is going to be delicious.

Can’t wait to see what this year will hold for me! All good things, I’m sure 😉


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